Marketing and Technology

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You will receive data on the most effective forms of tried-and-true marketing and advertising, proven effective through the past operations of Victory MMA and Fitness. There is no need to waste time and money in the wrong areas. Our target markets have been identified, we know where they are, and we know the most successful methods to reach them.

Your complete marketing program includes, but is not limited to: professional sales materials, effective TV ads, effective print ads, social networking programs, local networking programs, recommended publications, Internet marketing programs, search engine marketing programs, e-mail marketing programs, direct-mail marketing programs, brochures and stationery, and branded promotional items.

Internet: You are provided with a top quality Web site, connected to and supported by our national Web site. Our nationally trademarked brand gives your site relevance. It will enhance search engine rankings, pay-per-click campaigns, and increase overall traffic. With the foundation of your site professionally created and constantly updated, you can focus on personalized pages, social networking, and other local tools.

Accounting: You are provided with a step-by-step, easy-to-understand bookkeeping system. All critical reports are available at the touch of a button. More importantly, even the novice will have a thorough understanding of the financial elements of the business.

Resource Management: Mind Body Online (MBO) is a thorough and comprehensive proprietary Web-based data management system. MBO allows you to access numerous reports on all aspects of your business, including but not limited to management reports, sales reports, instructor reports, class schedules, membership reports, and club usage reports.


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