K.J. "King" Noons

K.J. "King" Noons

Height:  5'11" (181cm)
Weight: 156lbs (71kg)
Birthdate: 1982-12-07
Age: 28
City: San Diego, California
Country: United States
Record: 10 - 4 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)

Website: http://kjnoons.com/


A two sport athlete Karl James Noons is on his way to becoming the 1st person to become a World Champion in two sports, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Raised in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, KJ comes from a family history of fighting. His father Karl fought professionally in kickboxing and was a top contender in his era. His passion for fighting is why he put KJ into the sport of martial arts at such a young age.

KJ started in Kenpo Karate Martial Arts at the age of 5. Always getting disqualified for fighting too hard in Karate tournaments, KJ was  interested in more fighting contact and started training Boxing and Muay Thai at the age of 8. He continued to compete as an amateur fighter and was the first Ed Parker student in the State of Hawaii to earn a junior black belt at the age of 11.

During high school KJ was moved to Houston, Texas because of his father’s job location. He continued to compete in fighting and play football at Clements High School.  At age 17, KJ won the ISKA  Super  Middleweight International Champion title. After winning the title and graduating from Clements High School, KJ made a choice to follow his fight career instead of going to college and playing football.

KJ was invited to China for a Chinese Kickboxing fight to represent the United States in a USA vs. China fight. He continued to win titles such as the US Open International Middleweight Championship, and the Art of War Middleweight Championship. Shortly after making it to the semi finals in 2004 for the Boxing Olympic Trials, KJ turned pro in boxing.

Missing the nice beaches and weather, KJ wanted to train somewhere closer to Hawaii and moved to San Diego. Since then KJ has won the MMA EliteXC Lightweight World Title. He has been showcased as the main event on Showtime numerous times and consistently fights on television.

His Professional  Fighting  Record is:
MMA: 10-2 with 8 kos
Boxing: 12-2 with 6 kos
Kickboxing/Muay Thai: 13-1 with 10kos

When not training for a fight, KJ likes to enjoys the beach with his family, friends, and dogs. He likes to surf, golf, and relax.

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