Jiu Jitsu San Diego 


Victory’s Lister Jiu Jitsu is based in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but also includes the best and most practical aspects of the other grappling combat arts including Judo, Russian SAMBO, folk, freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling combined into a solid grappling system by legendary grappler Dean Lister. Dean has used his grappling skills to win submission grappling tournaments world wide, and is the basis of his mixed martial arts fighting style. Our Jiu-jitsu class will not only teach you valuable grappling skills, but is also a great conditioning workout for both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Our Jiu jitsu program is divided into Kids grappling, Teen, Basic and Intermediate, Advanced, Masters (age 36+), Womens only, and Gi classes. Members will be assigned to the appropriate class based on experience and will advance as their skill level improves. Belts are awarded based on skill level, accomplishments

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