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Nov 04, 2010 at 06:50 PM

Victory Gyms Announces Franchise Opportunities

By Victory Gyms

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Or so the saying goes. It does make sense though. Working isn’t the chore that people make it out to be. The chore is doing something you don’t like to do. For those of you who love Mixed Martial Arts, the chore is finding a way to make money in the industry. Unlike many other more mature industries, MMA is relatively new, and therefore the opportunities to make money in this emerging industry are few and far between. Nevertheless, there are real opportunities in MMA. One significant area of opportunity if the new MMA based health club. There are 30,000 fitness clubs in the United States, serving over 40 milion health club members. In comparason, MMA gyms are few and far between. While some cities have mostly small and unremarkable clubs, many cities have none at all. Couple those facts with the competative advantage of MMA gyms, and it seems obveous that MMA gyms are positioned to take a large share of the health clib market, and never give it back. What competative advantage you ask? While this is debatable, it isn’t hard to see the popularity and notariety of MMA as a sport, and as a basis for a more fun and exciting exercise program. MMA gyms offer classes in the basic underlying elements of the sport, including but not limited to boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling. The classes are rewarding, giving people a tremendous workout, while teaching them valuable underlying self defense skills. In other words, you not only burn calories, but you walk away with a new “self empowering” skill set. You also enjoy the socil benefits of a group exercise envirnoment. Most MMA based classes require you partner with someone, so it is a very social experence. And when classes are taught by real MMA fighters, Muay Thai Masters, and Jiu Jitsu Black Belts, there is a celebrity factor that makes the experence ever more exciting. There are a new generation of members that are bored with old school boring workouts. They want more out of their exercise experence. MMA based gyms give them a whole lot more, and are positioned to to service this new breed of health club member. The market shows there are significant opportunities out there for MMA based gyms. Just as clear is that many MMA enthusiasts would love to own and/or operate an MMA gym for a living. Lucky for them there are ways to evaluate such an opportunity. One such way is to explore a relationship with an MMA franchisor. Much the way that partnering with McDonalds can be a great way to sell hamburgers and earn a good living, partnering with Victory MMA and Fitness can be a great way to build a thriving MMA gym business. Victory MMA and Fitness is perhaps the first real MMA franchise in the United States. In their operation of a 22,000 square foot training center in San Diego, they have worked out the kinks, and developed a step by step plan for the development and operation of various size MMA based gyms. These guys gained the knowledge and developed their skills in the field, not by reading a book. They have the brand recognition, the proven concept, and the quality support that all businesses need. So it you love MMA, and never want to work a day in your life, perhaps an MMA based gym is in your future. Contact Victory MMA and Fitness and explore the possibilities. It just may change your life.

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